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Making Dreams Come True

Jim & Lori
Proud Owners

Our Story

               We consider ourselves to be among the luckiest people in the world. In 2011, after spending nearly half our lives searching, we finally found each other. Our love for each other is rivaled only by the joy we share with friends and family.

      With a combined family of seven children and fifteen grandchildren (and growing), we wanted a place where everyone could gather, enjoy, and celebrate.

       In 2016, after several years of searching for the perfect home, we finally found what we now call Country Palms. While putting heart and soul into improving the property, it wasn't long before we were hosting family parties, holidays, and annual events - and loving every minute of it. With the family growing and events getting bigger every year, we quickly realized we needed even more space! So in 2019 we turned our attention to...the old barn.

        On several acres out back behind our modest ranch house sat an old barn. It was apparent the barn had not been cared for in many years, but we knew it could be something special. Tattered yet solid, the old, 900 square foot barn has now been transformed into nearly 4500 square feet of celebration heaven.

         Our Goal was to create the ultimate celebration space for all to come and share their love with family and
friends...just as we do.


         Our Vision is to grow old holding hands on the front porch, while waving to our welcomed guests.


         Our Hope is that each one of you... finds that special someone...just as we did.

Wedding venue family owned and operated
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